Using Your Voice

It was a year ago today that I got political on social media.  Up ’til then, I was just using FB and Twitter for business.  Like most, I observed sanitary social media etiquette and refrained from voicing my own political views.  But then came the news of yet another mass shooting. I was just about to go to bed in the wee hours of the morning, and a breaking news notice came in of this night club shooting in Orlando.  I watched it unfold for an hour or two before bed. Then awoke to the full news in the am. It was just another in a string of mass shootings and I had just had it.  If kids being executed in Newtown did nothing to move the needle, to move Republicans, and let’s face it the NRA is mostly Republicans, to some sensible gun control legislation then what would? The Orlando shooting caused me to ask myself, what are you really doing to get gun control laws changed?  Yes YOU!  What are you doing?  Soooooo that is the day I decided to break protocol and use my social media voice to discuss gun control and these awful mass shootings.  I also went to my congressman’s local town hall on the issue and donated to Gabby Giffords’ org American for Responsible Solutions.

In this last year, I have had many people send me emails saying that they applaud my courage in speaking my mind on social media. I tell them they should also step up and do that and they almost always tell why they can’t.  Usually it’s about breaking social media etiquette. And for some they just think it’s wrong to draw any conclusions about anyone else’s opinion. But for me, what caused me to open up about it was that there is no sensible opinion to argue against rational gun control laws. The NRA talking points (enforce the laws on the books, and we need more guns not less) are lame at best. They are laughable to a thinking person. No rational person who is concerned about the appalling level of gun violence in our country would argue that America’s gun laws don’t need to be tightened. There is no rational argument to those Newtown parents. And there isn’t one for most rational Americans either.

I have extended my political speech on social media to our current constitutional crisis in The White House.  Why?  Because to not speak about the current constitutional crisis this nation is in, is to normalize it. It is our duty, as I see it, to speak about this horrible plague that is upon us. Not just Captain Cheetoh in the White House, but all of his accomplices and constituents who insist that there’s no problem at all. When we were attacked on 9/11, we all agreed on the tragedy. But when Tiny Hands was elected, 1/3 of the country denied and continues to deny that there’s any problem whatsoever. We can’t even agree that there’s a problem? That’s the problem!

Fortunately most Americans get it. But the number who don’t is frighteningly large. And no, you’re not going to change one single narrow mind of a Trump voter.  BUT it’s not the uneducated you’re trying to reach. It’s the reluctant rational person, who has tried to stay above the fray by just not getting into all that. You can help motivate someone rational, who wants to speak out, but is fearful of posting anything except cats on YouTube.  LIKE when people post rational thoughts about the current political crisis, so that they are encouraged to keep talking about it. Adapt to the new world order and stop holding back your opinions about our current political crisis. You don’t have to be crazy or belligerent. But speak up. Type loud! The more that thoughtful, educated Americans speak up, the faster we will be able to put down this rebellion of the uneducated. The loudest voice often wins. Even if we think it shouldn’t .


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