Guns Kill People, People!



So here we are again, another horrible mass shooting from some nut job whom police had already warned about his guns. Wall to wall news coverage as usual, but with nobody talking about the real issue at hand; the perverse grip the NRA has on the throat of America. But this time, because Republicans were the targets, GOP congressmen are on TV teary-eyed and with quivery voices sending “thoughts and prayers”.  Bullshit! Bullshit on thoughts and prayers and bullshit on the hypocrisy of our lawmakers! Especially the Republicans. Yes it is terrible that anyone was shot. Of course. But then to trot out the orange idiot to make a statement to comfort the nation? Are you kidding me?  The so-called president who in the last month gleefully signed an Executive Order to make it easier for mentally ill people to get guns! And with full Republican support! Lock him up, that’ll comfort the nation. And then have him explain from behind bars why he signed that executive order against gun safety, and why he talked of second amendment remedies during the campaign and his role in escalating the level of hatred and vitriol among Americans. Thoughts and prayers? We must live on Mars!

The NRA is the biggest terrorist organization in the world! It is supported first by uneducated gun owners, mostly in red states, who just can’t outthink the very simplistic NRA talking points. Next, by Republicans in Congress who represent and fear these same voters.  There are a few Democrats and Independents who also have blood on their hands with regard to gun control or lack thereof; Bernie, Joe Manchin, and a few others who have opposed gun legislation and are liked by the NRA. But let’s be clear and honest since our politicians won’t. We have the most ridiculously lax gun laws of any civilized country in the world and by far the most horrific level of gun violence. That is indisputable to reasonable people. And it is the Republican voters and electeds who have kept this country from even having a rational and honest conversation about it, let alone from fixing it. So to see them on TV sobbing, without taking any responsibility whatsoever for what they have created, makes my blood boil.  I’m not sad today, I’m furious! At us all, for how we react to these shootings time after time, sending thoughts and prayers. Are you fucking kidding me?!!

I come from middle-America-gun country. I am a gun owner. I believe in the 2nd amendment as much as I believe in the 1st, and as much as the most gun-loving fool in any red state. BUT, we need to cut the crap. We need to have common sense gun laws. If you’re flagged as mentally ill, you should NOT be able to buy a gun. That’s a no brainer. If you’re on the no-fly list, you should not be able to buy a gun. Another no-brainer. Assault weapons have no place in a civil society and should be banned. Simple. Rational. Every individual who buys a gun should have a thorough background check. Everyone, every time, no loopholes. These are not radical ideas from the left. They are laws that we all should agree on for our own safety, for the sake of our kids. And most of us do agree. Even Republicans. Yet those Republicans won’t insist their electeds stand up to the NRA, and thus they prevent the simplest and smartest gun laws from being passed. They stifle any progress on gun legislation.  Not even after kindergarteners were slaughtered at Sandy Hook. They just don’t talk about that while they ask for your thoughts and prayers. Bullshit! Save your prayers, but I would like a little thought from those who stand in the way of progress. Just think about those kids, with their teacher, and those parents. And look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are doing anything to prevent the next mass shooting, or if perhaps you are on the wrong side of this. Those kinds of rational thoughts are totally welcome.




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