The People’s House


The White House belongs to us.  It is the people’s house.  We own it. We pay for it. It is ours. Originally there was no fence and one could walk right up and knock on the front door. Obviously security had to be updated in the 20th century. I remember when they closed Pennsylvania Avenue because of terrorism concerns years ago…it was a big deal because it was the people’s house.

The daily press briefing is part of that concept of the people’s house, of the democratic system, of an honest and transparent government. But this week, Captain Covfefe banned cameras and microphones from the White House daily press briefing.  So much for transparency. So much for trusting our government, eh? They’re right that the current administration is better off not doing the daily briefing, because of the dirty dishonest and illegal things they seem to be doing. And the bloodhounds are getting close now, with Mueller’s investigation into Russian ties. So it makes sense that an authoritarian regime like this one would opt to just cancel the briefing on some days and ban cameras and microphones on other days.

BUT WE THE PEOPLE, SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOW IT for even one minute! We have a free press, which is one of the key things that keeps us free. Trump has been maligning them as fake news for over a year. Unless they say something good about him, then they’re great.  Until they’re not. This white house has put radical fringe groups int he press room and marginalized reputable news organizations. Breitbart “news”, which six months ago would have never been legitimized by being allowed in the press room, is now offices in the West Wing with Bannon. It’s outrageous. Millions are being gaslighted by FOX, Breitbart, and other fringe “news” orgs. It’s sad. It’s scary. And It should stop.  At least in the White House Press room, it should.

We should not put up with this administration stiff arming the press, locking them out of the press room, canceling briefing or refusing to allow cameras and microphones. We should take to the streets for this one. Nixon tried to stifle the press, but the press prevailed. Trump has successfully vilified the press to millions.  Nevertheless,


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