Turn Your Head and Cough


Even though swamp-monster Mitch McConnell postponed this week’s vote on the Senate Deathcare bill, half of our elected officials still want to pass a law to take millions of people’s health care away. Think about that for a minute. Just think about it. Wow, right? That’s what half of our electeds are really trying to do. And to give a tax break to the 1%. It’d be easier to stomach if they’d just admit it out loud. “Yes, thats right. We never wanted you to have health care in the first place, we have been pissed since it was passed by that black guy, we did everything we could to sabotage it for 7 years, and now we’re gonna roll it back so that you’ll be bankrupt if you have a heart attack again, just like it was before. Aahhhhh.” At least you could respect the honesty of that. But the lying!!! OMG, the cowardly lying and disingenuousness! And then that millions naively believe it… OMG! What is wrong with us?

America is sick. Stage four. All humans need health care. So shouldn’t all of our elected officials be working to make sure that all Americans have affordable health care? Seriously. Aren’t we all better off if a heart attack doesn’t cause you to lose your house? Sure we are. If a ruptured appendix bankrupts you, that’s bad for society. We all pay when a family loses their house because someone has to be in the hospital for a few days and racks up a $200,000 bill. It happened all the time before the ACA. Remember? This Senate tax bill (posing as a health care bill) will lower taxes on the 1% and throw tens of millions of low income Americans off health care. Is that what we want? Who would want that? Only a monster would want that. Or an idiot. There are only two possibilities. If you like the Senate’s bill, you’re either a monster or an idiot. And you can be both. Millions are. Especially now. We are sick. And Captain Covfefe is our toxic Chemo. No wonder he makes me want to vomit. All of them make me sick.


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