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sean-spicerFriday, July 21st 9:12am PST

Washington THIS JUST IN from the White House… An anonymous source in the administration supposedly confirmed in an unconfirmed off-camera “interview” in the bushes that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has finally resigned. Whoever it is confirmed the resignation but then said “nobody ever knows anything 100%, but I know this, for sure. Very likely.” The anonymous administration official added “Spicer’s resignation should not be interpreted as an indicator of any problems in the West Wing. There are no problems whatsoever. Everybody’s happy. Happy as clams.”  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who spoke on behalf of Spicer, would not confirm Spicer’s resignation and accused CNN of making up the story. She then contradicted herself when she announced that Spicer would be leaving the White House to accept a new job as Customer Service Manager for United Airlines.


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