But of course


by Jay McAdams

But of course this would happen. Of course it was a portent of things to come when on the campaign trail The Moron stood at the podium and urged his supporters to beat people up, which they did. Of course someone who would do that would also use the podium of the president to urge cops to rough up suspects. It didn’t take a genius to see that. It meant something on the campaign trail when he did that repeatedly and the good news is that the majority of voters understood that it indicated a big problem for somebody wanting to be president.

But millions didn’t understand the correlation then, and they still don’t understand it now. Why? Why did millions of us get it while millions of us couldn’t make the connection? Why were most voters clear from listening to him daily, that he would be a disaster to our rule of law? Why did millions of Republicans not understand that his refusal to really distance himself from David Duke and white supremacy groups was tacit support that would embolden them? And it has. Over 60 million Republicans didn’t see a problem with Steve Bannon being in the West Wing, with his overtly racist connection to the alt right. And they still can’t see today the connection between the rise of the alt right to having a former leader of that movement sitting a stone’s throw from the oval office or the connection to the violence in Charlottesville to Trump’s refusal to call out the alt right outright.

What’s missing is the ability to extrapolate (look that word up, Republicans). Can it be that Republicans simply don’t have that ability? Trump voters, meaning Republicans and the under-educated, have not been able to extrapolate about anything for a couple of years now. Most of us recognized the ridiculousness of his famed escalator entrance but millions thought, “Cool, I ride those too at the Mall. He’s like me.” It is truly a silver lining that most of us thought “Now that’s seriously stupid.”

The “pussy-grabbing” video should have made clear to everyone how he treats women, and even after we’ve had several examples of it, those same Republicans still don’t make that connection. When he called climate change a hoax it should have foreshadowed for everyone how he’d treat the environment, but Republicans still don’t understand the ramifications of him putting Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA or pulling out of the Paris agreement. Millions have remained unable to make the connections, to extrapolate.

Here’s an explanation; Republicans are dumbasses. Wait, could it be that simple? It seems to be. It seems to be just that simple, after two years of watching them not be able to understand why the things he says and does will lead to bad things. Even when the bad things happen, they still can’t see the connection, even with the benefit of hindsight. Just like some are color blind, could it be that Republicans are extrapolation blind? OR could it be that social media and the internet has led us to this point where tribalism is the only thing that matters? Could that explain why Republican voters and politicians would continue to side with a team who brings white supremacists into the white house? Whatever is causing millions in our country to stand silently by as Trump threatens nuclear war, nods to Nazis, tries to strip Americans of their health care, and gaslights Republicans into thinking the real media is fake and the fake media is real… whatever is causing this enormous lapse in judgment in our country needs to be cured. Too bad there’s no pill for that. But even if there were, those uneducated voters wouldn’t be able to get that pill, because they voted for the Republicans who took their healthcare away.




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