Embracing STUPID


By Jay McAdams

Note to self; stop trying to use logic on the stupid people. They don’t understand basic logic or deductive reasoning. They’re stupid. So what does stupid even mean? Are people stupid because they disagree with me? No, not at all. They’re stupid if they believe something false to be true when they have access to the real truth. If you believe what you want to believe, even if there’s evidence that it’s untrue, then you’re just stupid. Now don’t get mad. If that’s you, it’s okay to be stupid, especially in 2016/17. It’s the cool thing in most states. Entire states have gone stupid. 1/3 of all Americans are clearly stupid, so you’re not alone if you’re one of them.

Millions of stupid folks paid $40 for a red made-in-China MAGA hat last year. That was stupid. That was stupid for so many reasons; that particular candidate was stupid and paying $40 for a cap like that is stupid. Some of those same folks recently had voters’ remorse and burned their $40 red hats because Donald pretended to make friends with Chuck and Nancy. That was as stupid as buying that hat in the first place. But if you’re in that group, cut yourself some slack. Nobody would expect a stupid person to do anything smart with your stupid Make American Great Again hat. So you’re fine. You’re stupid, but you’re doing exactly what is expected of you. So good job.

When Captain Covfefe said he could shoot people on 5th Avenue and his voters would not care he was absolutely right, because he knew how stupid his voters were. He’s some kind of stupid, but his voters are even more stupid. They’re so stupid, they think he’s smart. Now that’s STUPID. Stupid people are very happy right now. He’s not shooting people on 5th Avenue, but he’s destroying our country, which makes you happy if you’re stupid. If you’re stupid, you’re not supposed to be for the right thing or the smart thing. That’s what makes you stupid. If you look at how he’s intentionally dividing people and you think that’s good, then you’re stupid. If you think it’s good that he’s made it easier for mentally ill people buy guns, then you’re really stupid. If you believe his lies, you’re stupid. If you believe that FOX News and Breitbart observe the same level of journalistic ethics as what stupid people call “the mainstream media” then you are quite stupid. If you believed that Hillary was a criminal and that you had no other choice but to vote for him in order to save the country, then, I’m sorry, but you’re stupid.

School rules, at least in 2017 California, don’t allow the kids to use the word STUPID. It’s like the N-word to educators. It has been banned from schools because they want every student to know that they are smart, which makes perfect sense if you’re smart. But if you’re stupid, that probably pisses you off, teaching kids to think that they can think! By banning the S-word, California schools are simply saying that nobody has to be stupid. Schools are right that stupid should be eliminated from our society in this information age. There’s no excuse for it. It is shameful. When we all have access to almost all of the information in the world without going any further than the smartphone in your pocket, there’s absolutely no excuse for such rampant stupidity among 1/3 of Americans in the richest and most privileged country on Earth.

But beyond schools, adults should embrace that S-word now more than ever. Even conservatives should be using that word liberally because stupid is now in charge of the world. Stupid is now tearing down the progress we’ve made as a people in the last half century. Stupid is literally putting us all at risk of nuclear war. And all those people who know that he’s stupid and yet continue to protect him and his swamp, those people who understand and still refuse to stand up for principle, they are even worse than the stupid people. They get it, but don’t care. There are many smart people keeping the stupid people stupid. Far be it from me to be partisan, but let’s be real here, those are mostly Republicans. Shocking, I know.

Those who cheer our current state of affairs are stupid, so they will never come to their senses. Even if they burn their stupid hats, which is stupid, they’ll still be stupid. The rest of us need to stop wasting time and bandwith trying to convince them of anything. They’ll never understand or admit that Russia really interfered with our election. The 2/3 of us who are smart enough to recognize the level of crisis that our nation is currently in need to stop being flabbergasted by the stupid people and take back our government and the world from the stupid people. If we wait until the stupid people get smart, there’ll be nothing left to save. So love the stupid people you know. As a stupid person once said, “there are many fine people among them”. But stop trying to convince them of anything. They’re stupid.


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