It’s All Relative


I never thought I’d say Bravo to George W. Bush. But this week, I did. I was not a fan of W. when he was in office. I thought he was an idiot. But compared to The Moron, W. is an absolute genius. I thought Cheney was the most evil vice-president I’d ever known, until Pence crawled out of his hole with his beady little lying eyes. I thought W. was a liar, with all the WMD misinformation, but compared to Capt. Covfefe, W. is as honest as Mother Teresa. As bad as I thought W. was, I had no idea that someone would come along just two terms later that’d be so bad, so dishonest, so immoral, so clueless, so insensitive, so hateful, so petty, and so divisive that it’d make W. look like a hero.

W. was a hero this week, as was John McCain and President Obama. They all spoke out on values, on doing the right thing, on getting us back on track. They all spoke out against Trump! Loudly and clearly. Why did they finally speak out after many months of silence? Because they are worried. Because they are rational people and they see the damage The Moron is doing to our government, to our standing in the world, and to our national security. The former head of the CIA is also saying he’s worried, and the former Director of National Intelligence. Leon Panetta, former Defense Secretary and White House chief of staff is saying he’s worried. Many people are finally starting to speak out because it has gotten so bad.

When I see Obama speak I get sentimental. I remember what it feels like to be proud when my president speaks. I feel comforted… for a minute, until I remember that he’s out of office and having all of his good work overturned daily by The spiteful Orange Moron, and then my stomach turns. Even though W. was clumsy in presenting his very spot-on speech this week, still it made me nostalgic. Yes, W. now makes me feel nostalgic! He called out white supremacy in a way the Divider-in-Chief has refused to do, even after Charlottesville. He talked about the divisiveness of Trump’s casual cruelty. He spoke of the crazy conspiracy theories and outright fabrications plaguing politics today. Yes, I confess it, I looked to W. this week for solace and he delivered. That’s how bad things are. And then the icing on the cake came Friday from The White House when the press secretary denied that W.’s and Obama’s speeches were referring to The Moron at all. What speeches? Like it never even happened. I never thought I’d say it, but I want W. back real bad.



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