The Meter is Running

It could have been after Charlottesville, when an emboldened white supremacist killed an innocent woman. Or after the latest church shooting in Texas, because in February the rule was reversed making it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns. But those victims, the people literally killed in those incidents, were merely indirect collateral damage from Trump’s heated rhetoric. Most Trump supporters didn’t blame him for those deaths. While it’s quite obvious to any thinking person that his words and actions have been getting people killed, his rabid fact-blind voters would swear on their worn out bibles that any link whatsoever is a load of nonsense.

But what was largely missed last week amidst the noise of the Franken/Franks circus was an ominous marker. Last week, even after The Moron was warned by all of our allies around the world, except Israel, about the dangers of parting with tradition and announcing the moving of our embassy to Jerusalem, about the very real dangers of doing that, he ignored the counsel of those who understand this volatile issue. He said he was more brave than previous presidents. Scholars, diplomats, and foreign policy experts worldwide knew that what he was smugly proposing would get people killed, and yet he chose to ignore them. He did it anyway, and within 24 hours, people started dying as a direct result of his words and deeds. This is a direct line to his actions. His supporters will still not be able to draw a direct line to hold him accountable because he is their messiah, the golden haired angel sent from the mount to restore us to the “olden days”. But to the rest of the world, to people with eyes and ears, this was a line crossed. He refused to act responsibly as advised by the entire world, refused to heed the warning of experts, and people have indeed died as a result. Bodies have been buried now because of what he did last week.

Last week, while the tweeter tweeted and pundits pundited, the meter really began for the Trump death toll. Not indirect deaths, like in Charlottesville or that church, but as a direct result of his words. Those supporting him and his hateful path cannot ignore that he was warned, and he persisted, only this time people died. It is no longer hypothetical that he might do something stupid and get people killed because he has now done exactly that. The meter is running. The question is how many people will die because of him? How many bodies will be buried before rational people take action to remove him and his cronies from office? The meter is running.


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