Morally Bankrupt

monopoly bankrupt

To understand why Republicans would increase our deficit by 1.5 trillion dollars for corporate tax cuts when corporations are flush and balance sheets are strong, you have to acknowledge right off the top that nearly half of American voters are absolute idiots. I have spent most of 2017 trying to understand how nearly half of our population could have been so hoodwinked by such a Moron! I have watched and listened to dozens and dozens of interviews with Trump-voters on TV. Not one of them seems to understand anything about our system of government. They are shockingly uninformed and misinformed. I don’t say that because they disagree with my politics, btw, but because their facts are wrong. The angry white Trump-voters are, as Trump himself acknowledged, the uneducated. And it shows. Every time they talk on TV.

I’ve also had personal conversations with a few dozen Trump-voters in the last year. And they were just as unsatisfying as the ones I saw on TV. Most of them said they didn’t like Trump but that he was the better alternative to Hillary. When I asked, as I did in every single Trump-voter conversation, what it was that they feared Hillary would have done? They don’t have a real answer. She’s a crook, they say, or Benghazi, or emails. When you ask them for specifics it’s clear they have no idea. They have no idea what she did wrong with regard to Benghazi but they’ll say she got people killed. And when you explain it to them factually, they shrug and say that she’s a crook. But they can’t tell you why. When you ask how they feel about him and his actions, they go back to how they had to save us from Hillary. (Tell me those Russian fake news stories didn’t have an impact.)

To understand how Republicans in Congress can pass such an immoral tax bill, you have to talk to business people. I have only had one satisfying conversation this year with a Trump-voter, who happens to be a friend and businesswoman. And it was only satisfying because she understood why my hair is on fire about Trump and his flying monkeys. She is a well-educated, successful corporate executive and longtime friend who understands my artist tendency to be very upset about the lying, the injustice, the hypocrisy, the divisiveness, and did I mention the lying? Yes, if you care about these things, she said, then yes, you’ll be upset about Trump. But then she explained how because her interest is business and only business, de-regulating everything is her priority. She told me how de-regulation will be great for business all over the world. When I pointed out how de-regulation would allow companies to pollute our rivers she told me that she’d spent 18 hours a day for the past 30 years in the corporate executive suite of major companies, and to her business is the game. It’s business first. Period. In the corporate executive suite, it’s not about justice or fairness or the lead levels in our drinking water. It’s about making money. Period. Business first. That’s how Ryan can justify increasing the deficit by giving more money to the rich and corporations while cutting Medicare for the poor and gutting the affordable care act. Business first, say the Republicans.

While this conversation with my friend was not completely satisfying, it is the only one I’ve had with a Trump-voter who actually understood my P.O.V. She wasn’t telling me I was wrong about him, just that she understood how much more competitive business But at least she wasn’t telling me that I was crazy and that Capt. Covfefe is really so smart about everything. That’s because there is no smart reason to support this man or his policies, unless you really do think slavery days were the good old days. Not even if you wanted to shake up Washington, or save the world from Hillary, or thought he’d become more presidential, or liked his straight talk… none of those are intelligent rational reasons to support his immoral clan. Based on what we already knew at the time, he was clearly not fit for the office. There were hundreds of daily examples of his lack of readiness. Anyone who missed, during the campaign, that he’s a mean-spirited pathological moron really is… uneducated. That’s his base. Uneducated. Unable to put two and two together. Unable to see how if he’s mocking disabled people or name calling Senators, how that indicates that he’ll be a divider rather than a uniter. They either didn’t see it, or just didn’t care. Most Trump-voters don’t seem to care about justice either. Or the environment. Or bringing people together. Or the truth. Or facts.

So there are two types of trump-voters, the uneducated who don’t understand, and the educated who just don’t care. Either way, it’s a dissatisfying conversation. But it explains why the Republicans are passing a tax bill this week that will hurt this country in ways the uneducated base has yet to understand. The ivy-league Republicans in Congress know all too well that their base will never understand.


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