Trump Bans More Words

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Monday January 8th, 2018. 6:15am EST

WASHINGTON DC – Anonymous Trump administration officials secretly announced today the banning of more words. Effective immediately the following words are banned; book, fire, fury, wolf, Wolf, wolff, Wolff, wolfe, Wolfe, Michael, Mike, couch, collusion, collude, California, Bannon, Steve, Steven, Stevo.

 White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by reporters today why the word Stevo had been banned. “I think, at this particular point in time, it is crystal clear that the president was being light-hearted when he banned that specific word.”, she said, “And he is fully aware that banning the word Steve will have adverse effects on millions, which is why he tried to lift the spirits of all those Stev…. oops, as you can see it’s really hard to get in the habit of not… of people named that.”

The writer of the … manuscript called… sort of like Flames and Rage, whose name has now been banned, said in numerous cable TV interviews today, “You can ban my boo…manuscript, and you can ban my name, thank God my middle name is Donald, but you can’t ban the NY Times Best Sellers list. Where do I send the chocolates, Mr. President?”

Just after midnight, Eastern time, the president tweeted his banning of the word; chocolate.

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