Trump Bans Even More Words!

Breaking News graphic

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018         6:15am, EST

WASHINGTON DC – White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed this morning that the president has now added new words to be banned, in addition to the words he banned in the wee hours of Monday morning; book, fire, fury, wolf, Wolf, wolff, Wolff, wolfe, Wolfe, Michael, Mike, couch, collusion, collude, California, Bannon, Steve, Steven, Stevo.

The new banned words are: CNN, Jake, Tapper, tap her, Oprah, unfit, sane, insane, faculties, psychiatric, unhinged.  

The new words to be banned followed a bruising weekend for the Trump administration with the director of the CIA, UN Ambassador Hailey, the Secretary of State, and Stephen Miller, whose exact job title and role at the White House is unclear, all going on Sunday morning talk shows to defend the president’s mental fitness for his job.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had to call security to have Stephen Miller physically dragged off the CNN set Sunday morning while still screaming, “He’s a goddam genius, you fools. A very stable genius, just like he said, and his genius will not be questioned!” Miller was escorted out of the building where he was thought to have urinated in the snow just outside the front doors of CNN. The urine was in the image of the CNN logo with a circle and bar thru it, although the circle & bar appeared to be made of coffee from the CNN commissary. Because of the frigid weather, the sidewalks were abandoned and nobody witnessed the actual urination. CNN’s security cameras are being checked.

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