The State of Our “So-called” Union


This is what a year looks like. This is what a bad year looks like. This is what a chaotic, mean year looks like in America. This is what a divided, vindictive year looks like after all the trust has been washed away. This is what a year under fire looks like. This is what our union looks like, a year after the most destructive administration in our history took over and set about destroying our government and societal norms. This is what the worst year in American history looks like. And it’s not pretty.

I normally love the State of the Union addresses, but won’t be watching this year. I can’t. I can’t stand the Moron telling me that everything is Great Again. I refuse to listen to the lies and watch as the Dems play their version of hardball by refusing to clap, until they leap to their feet to cheer him when he lies about wanting to save the Dreamers. I know that the state of our union is divided. I know that truth has been assassinated by Twitter. 1/3 of us can’t tell truth from fiction unless Zuckerberg decides what’s real for us. The state of our union is more tribalized than Afghanistan. Like millions of rational Americans, I will not listen to this sniffling idiot tell me otherwise.

A year of daily lies has taken its toll on most of us. We are exhausted. The insults, the lies, the delusions, the Russians… and that’s just an ordinary Monday. It’s no wonder our heads are exploding. The only Americans whose heads are not exploding are the uneducated. The stupid people who voted for and support Capt. Covfefe don’t understand how things are worse. They can’t see it. They think the reason that fewer people attended this year’s women’s march was because more people support Trump now. They don’t know that thinking people are just worn down to a nub. The stupidity of this national moment is just too much to bear for those of us who know what it means.

That this orange fool is standing at the podium delivering the SoU address is laughable. It is a mockery. It’s a mockery of our values as decent people. Because he isn’t. It’s a mockery of the truth, because he’s never told it in his life. It’s a mockery of our system of government, because he’s intentionally working to dismantle it. It’s a mockery of American leadership, because the whole world now hates us. It’s a mockery of our intelligence, because as his Secretary of State says, he’s such a Moron.

The state of our union is… far from Great Again. In fact, we’ve never been so far from greatness.

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