ALL Things Are NOT Equal

Republishing this piece from last summer because it is so relevant this week with all of the hype about the Republican release of “the Nunez memo”. Republicans need to get over their self-perceived Liberal media bias and see the world to find out it’s their POV that needs adjusting.

Theatre of the Absurd

equal tattoo

By Jay McAdams

What Roger Ailes understood a couple of decades ago when he started FOX News was that if you have one opinion and offer an opposing view, people will tend to compare those two opinions as if they’re equal, even if they’re not both equally valid points-of-view. Since the so-called presidential election, pundits have been saying that Dems didn’t listen to the very valid points-of-view of red-state voters feeling left behind. That may be true. But it doesn’t mean that the red-state voters who think Trump is great, who think that the Russians are our friends, who think we should dismantle our government, who think we should do away with ethics rules and norms, who believe regulations are bad things, who believe that global warming is a left-wing hoax… just because millions of mostly uneducated Americans believe these things it doesn’t mean that these points-of-view are intellectually or…

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