Myth & Lesson; shooting the NRA’s red herrings right between the eyes

Theatre of the Absurd

red herringThis essay was originally posted last year, but I’m reposting it in response to the Parkland FL school shooting. Sadly, these points haven’t changed in the last year and this is still relevant today. 

I grew up in a gun-loving part of the country. As a teen I received my first gun from my mom as a Christmas present, which is quite typical where I come from. By the time I was 18 I owned 4 guns. Also typical. Coming from the heartland, I fully understand why people like guns. Now that I’ve spent over 30 years in one of the largest and most violent cities in the country (Los Angeles) I also understand why our country needs far more restrictions on who can get a gun. These POV’s seem contradictory at first glance, but both are rational. You can be pro 2nd Amendment, and still think that guns should…

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