38 Minutes in Paradise

hawaii alert

This weekend the people of Hawaii spent 38 minutes thinking they were about to die in a nuclear attack. This wasn’t abject hysteria or just too many Mai Tai’s in Maui. It was totally credible for rational people to fear nuclear Armageddon given that our president has been doing everything he can to provoke the already crazed North Korean leader. Calling Kim Jong Un Rocket Man, even while he’s been developing his nuclear ballistic missile capabilities, may be fun for Trump’s uneducated base, but the rest of the world sees how misguided and dangerous it is.

One of the biggest problems with the conservative movement is that they don’t seem to understand the principle of Cause and Effect. This has been the problem with Climate Change. Conservatives are 20 years late to the party because they refused to believe the scientific community when they discovered that our hairsprays and emissions were changing our climate. Because that is a complex example of Cause and Effect, conservatives chose not to believe it. Now, 20 years later, as ocean temps and sea levels rise they’re starting to begrudgingly admit that what scientists have been saying for decades is actually… (cough, mumble under breath) true.

Republicans likewise do not see the Cause and Effect of Trump’s words and actions. Trump himself admitted that Americans are tense about N. Korea, but takes absolutely no responsibility for contributing to that. He and his voters completely absolve themselves of any responsibility as to the mess we’re in as a country. They take no responsibility for anything because they are conveniently blind to Cause and Effect. They defend his calling our allies shithole countries because they don’t understand Cause and Effect. They don’t believe that our standing in the world is being destroyed by his actions in Jerusalem, El Salvador, Paris, Iran, and North Korea. That’s because they don’t acknowledge Cause and Effect. Most Americans understood that the things Captain Cheetoh did and said during the election would have a very negative Cause and Effect on the world if elected. If he’s mocking judges and our intelligence agencies, that will CAUSE him to have a terrible relationship to the judiciary and the CIA. But if you don’t understand Cause and Effect, then you might just think it’s funny when he says a respected judge is unqualified because he’s a Mexican. Especially if you hate Mexicans. If you voted for him, you missed every clue every day about what a clusterfuck he’d be in the White House.

That Americans huddled in showers and said goodbyes to their family members this weekend is not at all funny or insignificant. It is the clear Effect of having a sociopathic Moron as president. Millions of uneducated Americans were the Cause. The Effect is that the majority of us are now in an existential battle for our democracy and our very lives. That half hour of terror experienced by millions in paradise Saturday is the Effect of those who want to dismantle our norms because they are cannot see the Effects of political correctness and civility. But those scrambling to text their siblings from Kauai Saturday are getting their Cause together. And it’s not the Cause of the uneducated. It’s the Cause of people who have spent a year being educated in the philosophy of the uneducated and see how stupid it is. How backward it is.

The majority of Americans, thankfully, DO understand Cause and Effect. We understand that things are worse because of what Covfefe has done. And this week as the one-year anniversary of this shitstorm approaches, the majority has had enough of the negative Effects brought on by a minority of uneducated voters. This presidency is going off the rails. Those of us who recognize Cause and Effect can see it. Trump and his flying monkeys don’t see Cause and Effect, but Mueller does. And while that is some comfort, if you’re huddled in the shower of your Airbnb in Honolulu saying goodbye to your family on your cell phone, you hope Mueller gets to the point in the next 38 minutes.