There’s Hope in Dicks (not Hicks)


This week I have hope. Not that Hope. Not Hope Hicks, but hope in Dick’s! I am perhaps the only person who has not actually had Hope Hicks. But millions of people this week got hope from Dick’s. And oddly enough, I got some hope this week from The Moron himself. That’s right. What renewed just a sliver of hope in my government this week is that Trump’s absurd dog and pony show on gun control demonstrated that he is so wildly dysfunctional that he might just be crazy enough to break the gun gridlock that has had all of us in its sights for the last few decades. He’s stupid enough that he might just be able to get something positive done in this one area because he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He’s so desperate for approval that he will turn his back on his allies (NRA) if he thinks it’s popular in the moment. We’ve never had anyone willing to abandon his side on gun control. And because he has absolutely no real values of his own, his finger in the wind is his guide. And the gun control winds are definitely blowing against Republicans and the NRA for the first time since the 90’s.

This week’s televised meeting of Trump with a bi-partisan congressional group demonstrated his ability to swing wildly, even to the left of the leftiest. When he suggested that we scrap due process and just take guns away from anyone suspected of mental illness, even the liberalist jaws at the huge table dropped. Same thing happened when he swung far to the right by sticking to his guns on arming teachers yet again. What was clear was that he was merely swinging from the hip to score points, moment to moment, with the possibility that this moment will cancel out the progress made in the last moment. Even as he boasted about not caring about being popular, it was so evident that he’d say anything to be popular in the now. Anything! It was pointed out by Senator Murphy that the president does not understand the true chokehold the NRA has on congress when he asked why nothing was done even after the unconscionable massacre of children at Sandy Hook. Trump also showed that he doesn’t understand how congress works, with his kindergarten-like instructions on which senators should sit down and talk with one another, a process these veteran sausage-makers from both houses know far better than he. He did, however, demonstrate that he does understand that the proposed conceal/carry law would be a poison pill, although he probably wouldn’t like or understand that term, because he’s so anti-drug. Even if you think Trump to be sincere in this round robin meeting, you’d have to compare it to the previous version of this planned improvisation on DACA, when he demanded that Dreamers be treated with love. Then he retreated to his partisan playbook and turned his back on them without any of the aforementioned love. The Supreme Court is the only part of our government that has shown Dreamers any love.

But there is hope this time. There is more hope not because Trump has suddenly sprouted some integrity. Nope. Not because he now understands the proper way to get bi-partisan cooperation on the hill. Nope. There is hope because the lack of common sense gun laws in the U.S. has been so completely without logic for so long, that it has stymied the smartest minds in our country. It is the only issue where there is no rational argument for doing nothing to curtail our now daily hemorrhage of mass shootings. It has been brains against brawn, and brawn has been on top for as long as anyone can remember. For decades, the NRA has crazily prevented congress from any positive action whatsoever. Until now. Until Parkland. Until the children spoke. Until the kids from the drama department stood up to their state legislators and the country watched them turn their back on their own kids. And now that the public is finally demanding that this insanity be dealt with, the winds of change are gaining hurricane strength and bearing down on Florida. And this storm is so large that’s it’s effecting the entire country. These winds are pushing the biggest retailers, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart to change their own gun sales policies, and that is no small thing. These CEO’s are willing to face these category 3 winds which will surely cause some PR damage for them, even if it appeals to the majority of their customers.

Reason has failed us with regard to gun control again and again. The rest of the world sees the U.S. as completely insane about guns. Rational minds cannot look at the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, or the recent attack on Steve Scalise and other Republicans on the ball field, or the horror at Sandy Hook, or Orlando, or Vegas, or the church shootings in Texas and South Carolina… rational people could not look at these events and say we don’t have a gun problem. Insanity has dictated how we choose to handle deadly weapons on our country. And the only thing that might have a chance to shake that up, is even MORE INSANITY! He’s crazier than the NRA. And that is a cause for hope. So even while one Hope is leaving the white house with her white lies in her stylish pockets, the real hope is that Covfefe’s level of crazy will trump the NRA’s. This is just crazy enough to work. Maybe.