The State of His Mind

State of the Union address in Washington

The State of the Union surprised no one. Even with the administration’s hollow call for unity prior to the speech, nobody with any common sense whatsoever thought for even one moment that the orange one was capable of taking the high road. Divisiveness is in his DNA. Unity is not.

But what if…? Can you imagine if his SOTU speech actually surprised the world? What if he would have stood there in the House chamber and done something he has never been able to do in his first two years in the White House? What if he truly brought us together? The majority of us fully understand that he is an utter fool who is incapable of bringing us together, even if he sincerely tried. He cannot put his own narcissism behind the needs of the country no matter how hard he tries. He’s sick. And stupid. That’s why he has never surprised us once by demonstrating this ability. And he never will. And to those who remain optimistic that he will someday somehow bring us all together, I have some swampland to sell you.

But just imagine what it would be like if some miracle occurred and he said… the truth. Gulp! Gasp! Imagine how the heads of most Americans would explode if he apologized deeply for the divisive meanness of his first two years in office. What if he admitted that the “birther” nonsense was nothing more than a dog-whistle to rile up the racist wing of the Republican party? What if he admitted that Hillary IS NOT a criminal? What if he admitted that The Wall was merely a red-meat slogan for the uneducated voters in his base? What if he admitted that he knowingly and wittingly harmed thousands of Central American children and families simply for political purposes? What if he just said, it is true that we worked with Russia a little bit, not to undermine our national security but simply to win? What if he said he regretted ruining our judicial system by putting unqualified judges on the bench? What if he admitted that McConnell’s refusal to hold Supreme Court nomination hearings for Obama’s nominee was indeed unconstitutional? What if he acknowledged that he shoved frat boy Kavanaugh down the throats of our grandchildren? What if he explained that his conscience was keeping him up at night? What if he dropped all the crap and we saw a rational thinking human being under all that make-up for the first time? What if…?

Imagine how horrible that would be for the sane people. Imagine how very c o n f u s e d and disoriented millions of us would be if he told the truth and had integrity. The entire world would be absolutely slack-jawed. We’d be suspicious at first and would disbelieve it. “It’s a trick.”, liberals would sputter. “We’re not falling for that!” Dems would be so completely off balance, they’d fall off Capitol Hill. The internet would explode, literally. The pages of Indivisible guides everywhere would spontaneously combust. The United Nations with all their speeches would be rendered speechless. It would be terrible for the left if Trump turned out to be a good person. No worries, lefties. He’s not. And he never will be. It’s not in his DNA.



Treason. It’s a dusty old word, left over from the days of muskets and powdered wigs. But when our Commander-in-Covfefe pulled it out this week saying that Dems are treasonous for not applauding him during the State of the Union address, he once again demonstrated how little he understands the power of his office. He and his voters clearly don’t understand why casually throwing this word and concept around is no laughing matter. There’s been much talk over the past year about the tearing down of our societal norms, but very few Trump voters have taken heed. Shocking, right? Uneducated voters still can’t seem to grasp why it’s a problem to chant “Lock her up” about your political opponent. Red state folks don’t get why they can’t make everyone applaud the way they want them to. They cannot connect the dots with Kim Jong Un having people executed for not… (wait for it) applauding with enough enthusiasm. Republicans are blind to the fact that Captain Cheetoh is mimicking much of Un’s authoritarian behavior by saying this. Conservatives just can’t see it. They don’t understand that when football players don’t salute the flag the way they want people to, that this is their constitutional right of free speech and that they are entitled to it, even if Trump disagrees. They are blind.


Trump is right (whoa, did I say that?) that we did reach a new low in this year’s State of the Union address. We surpassed the “You Lie!” moment of shame when Republican congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama’s speech. This year, the shameful part was… that it was being delivered by a pathological liar with absolutely no moral compass. The new low that Trump voters are blind to is having this orange fool represent us to the rest of the world. The rest of the world knows what an idiotic disaster this clown is. It’s only in the US that 1/3 of our people are too stupid to understand that his lies void any truths that may have inadvertently been imbedded in the SotU speech. His lies mean that none of it matters. It is shameful to pretend that he represents us like a real president. He isn’t. And he doesn’t. Which is why so many Americans skipped it altogether this year. Myself included. I went bowling with Ruth Bader Ginsburg instead, which is why I missed this great treasonous act on the part of my Dems. But oh how I would really love to see Chuck and Nancy stand up so firmly against this Republican debacle that they are accused of treason by someone who actually knows what the word means.


Modern day Republicans don’t understand much about the concept of treason. They are covering for Trump and his family’s close associations with many Russians and, in fact, trying to hinder the investigation conducted by the fairest man in Washington. If there has been any treasonous behavior, it has been by The Moron himself and his family. Making money off foreign governments is against the law. Yet he lines his pockets every single day while uneducated and unemployed coal miners continue to cheer him in the dark. They don’t get how fragile democracy is, and frankly, they just don’t care. At some point in the future, rational Americans will regain control of our senses and our government, and Republicans will find that they have been on the wrong side of history by protecting this destructive little man-baby as he dismantles our norms. The rest of the world already knows this. But to know something is to understand the nuances of it. And that’s why uneducated Trump voters will never know how irresponsible it is to call Democrats treasonous for not applauding to his perverted liking. They just can’t.

The State of Our “So-called” Union


This is what a year looks like. This is what a bad year looks like. This is what a chaotic, mean year looks like in America. This is what a divided, vindictive year looks like after all the trust has been washed away. This is what a year under fire looks like. This is what our union looks like, a year after the most destructive administration in our history took over and set about destroying our government and societal norms. This is what the worst year in American history looks like. And it’s not pretty.

I normally love the State of the Union addresses, but won’t be watching this year. I can’t. I can’t stand the Moron telling me that everything is Great Again. I refuse to listen to the lies and watch as the Dems play their version of hardball by refusing to clap, until they leap to their feet to cheer him when he lies about wanting to save the Dreamers. I know that the state of our union is divided. I know that truth has been assassinated by Twitter. 1/3 of us can’t tell truth from fiction unless Zuckerberg decides what’s real for us. The state of our union is more tribalized than Afghanistan. Like millions of rational Americans, I will not listen to this sniffling idiot tell me otherwise.

A year of daily lies has taken its toll on most of us. We are exhausted. The insults, the lies, the delusions, the Russians… and that’s just an ordinary Monday. It’s no wonder our heads are exploding. The only Americans whose heads are not exploding are the uneducated. The stupid people who voted for and support Capt. Covfefe don’t understand how things are worse. They can’t see it. They think the reason that fewer people attended this year’s women’s march was because more people support Trump now. They don’t know that thinking people are just worn down to a nub. The stupidity of this national moment is just too much to bear for those of us who know what it means.

That this orange fool is standing at the podium delivering the SoU address is laughable. It is a mockery. It’s a mockery of our values as decent people. Because he isn’t. It’s a mockery of the truth, because he’s never told it in his life. It’s a mockery of our system of government, because he’s intentionally working to dismantle it. It’s a mockery of American leadership, because the whole world now hates us. It’s a mockery of our intelligence, because as his Secretary of State says, he’s such a Moron.

The state of our union is… far from Great Again. In fact, we’ve never been so far from greatness.