Trump Orders Kavanaugh Accuser’s Testimony Released Early

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Tuesday, Sept 18, 2018, 10:29pm EST

WASHINGTON D.C. – In what could be a possible setback for the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday scheduled additional testimony for next week regarding the new allegations against him. Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) said that as of now only Kavanaugh and the Palo Alto University professor who has accused him of attempted rape while he was in high school, will be allowed to testify next week in this matter.

In what was a stunning move late today, President Trump ordered the release of Monday’s Judiciary hearing testimony in advance of the actual hearing. “Why wait until Monday to hear these allegations when we already know what they are? And they are only allegations. You must remember that he says he’s innocent. Just like Judge Roy Moore said he was innocent, this Judge, and Mark Judge, all the judges say they are innocent. We have to remember that.”, said the President from the White House Rose Garden today when asked about the transcript release.

Below is the unedited transcript of next Monday’s testimony between the Senate Judiciary Committee members and professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Senator Grassley.(R-IA) Thank you for coming today Ms. Ford. Or are you a Mrs.? Do you have a husband?

Professor Ford. I’m sorry?

Senator Grassley. Did you bring your husband here to help you answer these questions today? It’s not like those game shows where you can call a friend and have him answer your questions for you.

Senator Harris.(D-CA) I would ask the chair to be recognized. That is an outrageous thing to say… 

Senator Grassley. You shut up, girl.

Senator Harris. Wha… are you…

Senator Grassley. That’s right, I said shut up. I have the gavel and elections have consequences. (to Professor Ford) Now answer the darned question!

Professor Ford. No, my husband did not come today.

Senator Grassley. And you can’t text him neither.

Senator Durbin.(D-IL) Mr. Chairman, this witness is not trying…

Senator Grassley. You shut up too, Durbin. I’m tired of this nonsense. (To Ford) You say Kavanaugh tried to rape you, right? Well I have your yearbook picture in front of me and I rather doubt that. (Senator Cruz laughs)

Senator Hirono.(D-HA) Mr. Chairman!

Senator Grassley. I yield my time to the gentleman from Utah.

Senator Hatch.(R-UT) Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Ms. Ford…

Professor Ford. That’s Professor. Professor Ford.

Senator Hatch. Ms. Ford. What were you wearing that night, do you remember?

Senator Klobuchar.(D-MN) Mr. Chairman, that is…

Professor Ford. Jeans and a halter top.

Senator Hatch. Did you ever see The Exorcist?

Senator Harris. Mr. Chairman, that is…

Senator Hatch. We outlawed halter tops in in my homestate of Utah because they do the work of the devil. Replaced them with magic underwear and it worked out great. Mr. Chairman, I’d ask that you enter into the record this document about the magic powers of magic underwear.

Senator Grassley. Without objection.

Senator Hatch. Yield back, Mr. Chairman.

Senator Grassley. To the gentleman from Texas…

Senator Feinstein.(D-CA)   Mr. Chairman, it’s a Democrat’s

Senator Grassley. Shut up woman.

Senator Feinstein. Mr. Chairman. I am the ranking member of this committee for years and I…

Senator Grassley. Well if you were in such a dad-gummed hurry why didn’t you disclose this to the committee when this so-called professor alerted you about it a month ago?

Professor Ford. I’m a professor, sir, of clinical psychology.

Senator Grassley.  Well.  Go ahead Senator Cornyn. It’s your turn to get her.

Senator Booker.(D-NJ) Uh, Mr. Chairman, this is a witness that we all…

Senator Cornyn. I should have kicked you out of the Senate last week Booker T.

Senator Booker. Excuse me? Did you just say…

 Senator Grassley. (gaveling) Order. Order. Sit Booker. Mr. Cornyn the floor is yours.

Senator Cornyn. Did you ever have sex with Mr. Kavanaugh?

Senator Feinstein. Mr. Chairman, that is out of line!

Senator Cornyn. You should try it Ms. Feinstein. You might like it. (all the men on the committee laugh)

Senator Cruz.(R-TX) (snickering) Cubans like it. I know that!

Professor Ford. No, I never did.

Senator Cornyn. Never did what?

Professor Ford. Had sex.

Senator Cornyn. Well like Senator Feinstein, you should try it too, ma’am. You also might like it. (Republicans laugh) 

Senator Leahy.(D-VT) Mr. Chairman, that is absolutely outrageous that a member of this committee… 

Senator Grassley.  Too late, Senator Leahy. Too late, because we’re at the first recess.

 Senator Leahy. I don’t care about the…

Senator Grassley. Well you may not care, Mr. Leahy, about the traditions of this fine  institution, but some of us do still care about the important things in this body, like recess. (gaveling) This committee stands in recess for one hour! (adjourned)